ana fairchild 
full name ana blanche fairchild birthdate + age december 01, 1986 & 30 current residence beacon hill, boston, ma pet tigger
It might have taken her sister Erin some time before recognizing that their family was considered amongst the crème de la crème, but for Ana it took practically no time at all and she was one to never let you forget it.

Ana grew up with a serious case of tradional "middle child syndrome". In a family like the Fairchilds, where face time with her parents was limited enough due to their various professional and social engagements, it was hard not to be a little envious of her siblings. Third in the birth order, Ana was neither the eldest nor the baby; hell, she wasn't even the firstborn daughter, for whatever meaning and excitement that role might hold. Bookended at either end by male children, what Ana should have recognized was that her sister Erin was in the same exact boat she was. Instead, Ana oftentimes held a competitive position when it came to her relationship with Erin.

More rebellious than obedient compared to Erin, Ana strived to do whatever she could to stand out amongst the other Fairchild children. She desperately wanted to own the part of "daddy's little princess" and it was a constant struggle to gain first his attention and then win his approval. Henry was the "black sheep" of the family, the most rebellious of all; he had his share of problems, but Ana felt at least his rebellions kept him in the eye of the public and, more importantly, their parents. Erin may have been articulate and well-mannered and stylish, the perfect picture of poise and class as they ought to be, but the trappings of high society life perhaps came more naturally to Ana. She was always more easily molded in their mother's image, automatically gravitating towards the stereotypically feminine, whether it was ballet or piano or French lessons. Even in spite of her passionate for the subject and best efforts, however, art was not an inborn talent of hers whereas it seemed to come so easily to Erin. In Ana's view, so many things seemed to come so easily to Erin, further stoking an insiduous resentment towards her older sister.

Ana breezed through school because she applied herself, even with her wild child antics, thanks to tutors for scholastic achievement and a wide selection of extracurricular involvement to impress future colleges. As expected, she had her sights set on the Ivies. Unfortunately, when the time came, she didn't get into her top choice of Harvard or even her second choice of Yale. Still, Columbia was an Ivy League school and four years in New York City wasn't such a bad consolation prize.

It was in NYC that she got her first taste of love. Or so she thought. Up until that point, Ana has had her string of "boyfriends" from the moment she hit puberty. The epitome of serial monogamist, once she jumped into the dating pool, she never wanted to climb back out. The status of having a boyfriend meant she had individualized male attention, which she craved, or so her idea of relationships dictated. Ana was what men might call a tease. She played the ice princess role, pristine and untouched, so well that when she finally did lose her virginity to Joseph Warren (a fact that he probably never even realized), well-known to the family for they ran in the same social circle, she fell for him and fell hard. Of course to be a young single man running around one of the most bustling cities in the world, known for its beautiful and fashionable women, Joseph wasn't looking to settle down. They continued to hook up. While Joseph was busy playing the field, Ana deluded herself into thinking they had something special. When things finally came to a head and Joseph made it clear that he wasn't looking to be in a relationship, Ana took it badly. Even so, she had trouble letting go of her first.

Ana did manage to move on after that, at least by appearance. On to a series of poor choices in the romance department. Her last relationship, one that did result in a walk down the aisle, was perhaps the worst. Her husband was abusive, playing mind games and toying with her feelings. When he laid hands on her, she finally recognized that it was time to act. She took care of the problem and returned to Boston, drama swept under the rug as much as possible until the matter was forgotten. When the talk swirling around her marriage finally dissipated, she emerged like a phoenix from the ashes as the Media Consultant for The Fairchild Group, thanks to her father pulling strings.

adrienne frost
Adrienne was the first child born to Hazel and Winston Frost, eldest sibling to Christian, Emma, and Cordelia. The Frost home was not one of love and kindness but one of mind and power games. She was the perfect child and was the favorite of their cold and emotionless father. From a very young age, Adrienne made it her point of duty to be the dutiful daughter, hoping to gain her father's favor and eventually win all his money and inheritance. [SOURCE: Earth-616]

father Winston
mother Hazel
brother Christian
sisters Emma & Cordelia
husband Steven
nieces Esme, Sophie, Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe
cousin Jocasta

Brian Fairchild • Father • 75
Businessman, Owner of The Fairchild Group
Vivian Fairchild • Mother • 65
Henry Fairchild • Older Brother
Deceased in 2002
Erin Fairchild • Older Sister • 35
Owner of White Queen
Jacob Fairchild • Younger Brother • 28
Chairman for The Fairchild Group